So, how much for 50 clients?

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by hey, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. How much would I have to donate, to be allowed to run 50 clients.
    Skype: muskran3
    I will contact you tomorrow when i wake up, i will go to sleep now.
  2. I hope you don't plan on running more than 3 on one computer
  3. I really want Runemate to allow more than 3. It's pretty decent, but for me I want to be able to run up to, say, 10 accounts at once. I'd be willing to donate more for it.
  4. And it's possible. Just PM me and we can arrange it. :)
  5. It's OK, I'll be using a virtual desktop and I downloaded more RAM!
  6. I see you downloaded 500gb of ram.
  7. You can't download ram please keep the trolling to the casual section
  8. I used to run 10 accounts on my old rig with 4 gigs of RAM. Now that I have 16 the sky is the limit really
  9. One does not simply run more than 1 runemate on 4gb ram.
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  10. it wasn't runemate at the time I think it was Rsbuddy or RSBot this was in like 2007/8
  11. yeah, thats possible. but for 50 clients he atleast needs like 100-150 gb ram lmao, impossibru
  12. The amount of RAM you are going to need is too damn high with this client.
  13. I have 16GB and I'm at 38% with 2 clients,chrome,steam and skype open
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    So I'm running 4 clients at 56% memory on 16GB so theoretically You could run 8 clients on 16GB so you'd need 2 GB RAM per client so to run 50 clients you'd need about 100GB of RAM,also don't ask me how I managed to run 4 clients... I just double clicked 4 times and it opened 4 times added the accounts to the list and it auto logged in as usual on 4 accounts. So if it's a bug or something go ahead and fix it.
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  14. Nah, the client is only using 300mb.
    To run 50 bots that's 15000mb or just under 16gb of RAM.
    You can get a desktop PC with 16gb of ram for quite cheap, and it's not expensive to get a server with 16gb of ram.
    I think with some optimizations and tweaks RuneMate could run a lot better, as the regular RuneScape applet is only using ~160mb.
  15. Ram is not everything :p keep in mind you also need a decent CPU :)
    My friend has a Intel Core i7 4960X clocked at about 5 Ghz and 32Gb ram :)
    I would say that he could run about 9 client without Lagg :)
  16. Ahh I forgot about that.
    RuneMate is eating up ~12% of my CPU (FX-8350 @ 4.2GHz) according to Task Manager.
    I think RM really needs a headless mode, or at least a reduced graphics mode.

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