So wanting to bot using runemate - Few questions

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  1. Basically i want to bot using runemate, but before i do so I wanted to know how delectable it was? I botted using powerbot last week and was banned after 1 day.. so that one is now a no go for me. Does runemate have many bans lately?
    Also I assume you can bot OSRS too?
  2. i'd say have a look on the forums - plenty of threads like these ;)
  3. Better than RSBot to say the least.
  4. The ban rate is low. Client itself isnt detected. Everything depends on a script bot itself.

    I can say its waaaay better than rsbot. Rare bans if the script bot is good
  5. I looked on forums and couldn't find too much. I'll have another look.
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    Ah ok, I'll have a go at and see how it goes, would you say I should stick to the popular bots for now? Are they the safest i assume?
  6. ive been botting f2p in osrs for some days now and i botted my main on rs3 from 70 - 99 prayer no bans
  7. At times I bot on 5 different accounts at once, for 10 hours+ a day and I've only lost one account that accidentally kept botting for 32 hours long.
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  8. Don't worry about the user count, just test out the bot and watch it for a while your first run to make sure everything is functioning well. If its all working well you should feel like everything seems similar to what a real player would do (no crazy mouse movements, no getting stuck, etc)

    once you feel confident enough in a bot you can decide how long you think its safe to bot per day and all that jazz.

    Always test a bot before just clicking start and leaving, just to be sure. Even if it is an excellent bot you could've messed something up (bank preset, loot options, etc).

    Any of the premium bots should work flawlessly 99% of the time.

    I've botted from 1800 to 2300 total so far with no issues and hope to get a max cape eventually. Best of luck to you bud.
  9. Botting is like marriage. You're gonna get fucked either way, but if you're careful, you can last longer.
    (i mean last longer in botting)
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  10. Well that depends on your definition of getting "fucked". I wouldn't care much if I got banned now because I've been botting for ~7 years (on and off) without a single ban so far.

    but this is a good analogy.

    @OP just never bot on an account you aren't willing to lose (applies to cheating in any game ever, if you aren't willing to lose the account don't break the rules on it.)
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  11. Thw last part is the one many people should learn
  12. So is there much chance me getting banned botting agility for an hour or so once a day?
  13. Very little, almost 0 (shoutout to great Slash'nHax)
  14. Not very likely you'll be banned for that, but there is never a way to be 100% sure. Way too many variables (account age, current stats, previous botting infractions, etc). That's why you should always refer to my previous point. Don't bot if you're going to be upset about losing the account.

    I haven't done agility recently (did agility with JewAgility on RSBuddy, 6 days straight w/ no breaks other than course changes, 42-99) so I'm no expert, but I'd say agility is pretty safe... just watch out for other players reporting you as that's what usually gets people banned. Saying something in chat every now and then is a good idea along with some other stuff. See one of the several safe botting tips threads.
  15. You wont get banned if you use the right script bot and bot smart (breaks) so yeah
  16. How do I find premium bots? don't seem to be able to find them in the bot store?
  17. You can sort by premium on the store. Should be above all the bots along with all of the other sort options.
  18. I've botted two 120 skills, and maxed my main with 4 99s, and a skiller with 5 more. I've seen 0 bans.
  19. This is true.
  20. Thanks everyone, I'll do a little agility now just while I'm not playing, appreciate the help and I am sure Iwill be a part of these forums for a long time. :)

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