Resolved SOCK 5 proxy "could not connect to the server"

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mabinogi, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. Hello runematenians,

    Im having some issues with sock5. Is private (payed for it in a dedicated rs sock proxy web). The sock proxy works 100% in OSBOT and Tribot, but those bots sucks and i love RUNEMATE :p
    Anyway, when introduce correctly ip, port, username and password , 2 seconds later says "could not connect to the server"

    running on a mac with sudo permissions. ping to the sock proxy from my mac gives me response, so i can connect.
    @Cloud ty pal!!!

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    Post #12 by Cloud, Mar 24, 2015
  3. At which stage is it getting stuck?
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  4. at bot login. I introduce my forum account and proxy settings, click on login and 1 second later under proxy settings appears "could not connect to the server" (RuneMate Server i think). I made a telnet to sock proxy ip and port and is working.... do you think that in some way my proxy is blocking connections from rune mate? i opened a ticket also with my sock provider.

    thank you @Cloud!!!
  5. That error occurs when some type of IOException occurs, so something about that proxy is causing issues somewhere along the line.
  6. my proxy service gave me this answer:

    "There are no firewall settings on the proxy - it accepts any and all connections with the proper authentication.

    Unfortunately, it's either faulty coding in Runemate - or something else to do with the client itself."

    I tried another 3 sock5 proxy from 3 differents companies ( yes i know, i have spent a lot of money...) and the 3 of them work on osbot but not on rune mate...

    edit: i tried publics proxy sock and some works, but no one private proxy (root + password) is working...maybe the bot is not doing a good auth?

    thank you @Cloud
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  7. I will be investigating it in the near future, please be patient until then.
  8. ok thank you Cloud, i will wait it for. anyways can you recommend any good private sock proxy provider that actually works with rune mate?
  9. @Cloud would it help if @mabinogi temporarily gave you access to a proxy he's trying to use?
  10. Yeah actually that's a great idea and would be a huge help.
  11. Hey @mabinogi if that's possible for you can you PM Cloud the proxy information?
  12. Alright Beta 77.5 is now available and this issue is resolved.
  13. Could you recommend a good proxy to use?
  14. i have same issue i use leacher/checker and stuff and i cant get any proxy 2 work and there lvl 3 super fast ssl and link passing idk why it dont work btw im using windows not mac
  15. Is the proxy SOCKS 5? Only supported proxy type for RuneScape. If they are, create a new Client Support thread. Hijacking resolved threads isn't helpful.

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