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  1. I was hoping I could get a few responses on some good websites to buy premium socks5 proxies. I have found a couple, but they seem pretty expensive for them. Preferably private proxies. I'll share the sites that I've found after I search through my history!
  2. I use Private Internet Access quite a bit and have never had any issues.
  3. Private iternet access? I've had all my accounts chainbanned and i can no longer run without proxies

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  4. It's a VPN it's like $7 a month and $39.99 for a year. Members to the VPN also get access to Socks proxys as well. At no additional charge.

    I use them I didn't wanna say anything as they have a limited number of IP's and from a talk with support they only release and renew IP's every 3-6 months.

    Good company that has a internet kill switch in case the servers goes offline. However that feature is only for VPN (to the best of my knowledge).
  5. Thank you for clarifying! Do they have private proxies? And what's the benefit of using a vpn and proxy at the same time? Doesn't the proxy already mask your ip?

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  6. I wouldn't use both. Me personally i prefer to just use the VPN by itself. It does everything a proxy can and more. However for comparison i would just google that myself, to much time to explain. Yes the proxy's are private to paid members only however the VPN uses "Shared IP" which means all the users on any one sever have the same exact IP.

    This setup wasnt designed with botting in mind however it does work well for it. I've never used their proxys so i cant really speak for that but i do know its paid only but idk if each user gets a unique IP each time or its a shared ip like the VPN.
  7. So if you are using the VPN that masks your ip for your whole computer, correct? Do you use multiple bots at a time?

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  8. Yes it will mask 100% and encrypt all traffic to and from your PC/I personally just started using this program. Im simply testing it to see if i like it and see how it works for me. Im only running a single bot at this time. However if you wanted to use multiple clients to run multiple bots i would go with the proxy,
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  9. As I mentioned I've used Private Internet Access for a while and not had any problems.

    I primarily use it for torrenting - using the Socks5 proxy within my torrent client and have never had any issues with copyright notices.

    The VPN is good for when I want to view something I cannot access - IE: Netflix USA
  10. Thank-you @Arbiter

    I do sell Socks5 Premium Proxies. If you are interested in my services, drop me a pm.

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