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Discussion in 'General Market' started by justamirage, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Hi RuneMate, good to see you again.

    I'm currently in search of someone to help me out here. I'm in need of a SOCKS5 proxy for the bot I am currently using. I was curious if anyone would be able to give me any details on who to talk to, or where I'd need to go to get such a thing.

  2. http://www.virtualprivate.ninja
    Cheap SOCKS proxies and virtual servers with no setup fees. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our customer support on site.
  3. Alright, thanks. My only question is that would I need multiple proxies for each bot on RuneMate?
  4. Not needed, HIGHLY recommended tho.
  5. Gotcha. Only like a dollar or two more. If it's worth it I'll probably do it.
  6. Had to manually install your order. Thanks.
    If you have anymore questions, about how to use it etc, please contact us via the Support center.
  7. Why $4,5 for a socks proxy? Top-tier hosts like DigitalOcean offers a whole server for $5.

    If it is because you convert your knowledge about socks into a profit then I respect that.
  8. Taxes. 1 IP-Address costs more than half of 4.5 from RIPE. Please, don't comment if you don't have any idea how it is to run a legitmate company.

    Also, I offer 3x what DigitalOcean offers for 5$

    You really should do you research before commenting.
  9. Lol calm down tubby. Was just commenting on your terrible prices, no need to get cocky.
  10. Terrible prices. Huh.
    To be honest, 5.99$ for 512/756 with 3.2Ghz core is not bad. Ofcourse I can't offer prices like industrial majors do, because i am a start up and the volume of my sales is much lower. It's also a nice thing of your if you really learned how to (when to) shut up.
  11. Keeping it professional huh. I don't give a fuck about the specs of your server, I was questioning the cost of your socks. Just giving you advice on how to maybe upgrade your business in a sense where you can offer socks for a normal price instead of making people overpay due to your "taxes". I'm done in here now, glws.
  12. 24% VAT, 16% Income tax.
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    Anyways, @Aidden or any other staff member could lock this topic. Sold and delivered according the OP.
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