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  1. I've been botting on and off for about 10+ years , some things hopefully to come, I know this bot is new but its a why not add them in :D

    -Mod Detection (shutdown bot when P mod or J mod is near) or pm's you.
    -No graphics (pause graphics/screen is black, reduces cpu load and is very nice to have. Alot of rs-classic bots have this)
    -Break timer ( built into the bot itself, I'm sure this is being worked on)
    -Hp above heads/name above head.
    -Dismiss random events AT RANDOM- dismiss every other random event or randomly, it may dismiss 3 out of 10 random events. Would be more human like tbh
    -Menus to enable/disable all the inner working parts of rs, show models, names shown, id's shown, (this may already be there, I'm just unsure how to enable and show it)
    -Bot tab so you can just use one window with multiple bot tabs within it
    - New mouse movement, Well click movement (Lets say you have a touch screen or tablet, enable the mouse not to drag around to click it's objects/interactions but instead hop to them instantly, Not everyone that plays rs uses a mouse, so from x,y coordinates hop to this object or other spot within the rs screen. I've YET to see a bot that uses this function, which would be very very nice to add in. ofc when it clicked that area it would obviously drag around in a circular radius like a finger/stylus would)

    Overall no graphics would be very nice to just hit that off and let the bot use less cpu. (I'm not complaining I got an 8core processor but still it puts a load on any cpu. )

    :) I'm new here so people may disregard them but just saying

    Regards, Zeimten
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  2. Like 0,0001% of rs players use touch screen/tablet to play rs, so I don't see that suggestion really necessary.
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  3. I do like hopping worlds if a mod is detected near.
  4. definately not, alota people use tablets and touch screens to play rs. laying in bed or casually.
  5. I still don't see any demand or necessity around this. However, it could be an additional feature though...
  6. The only one that i see being implemented is Break Timer.
  7. Jacmob said on stream that bots that logout in the presence of a JMod are super easy to detect, I wouldn't doubt that they have some kind of system in place for exactly this.
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  8. They say anything on stream to scare people. Even if I was legit and logged out when a jmod popped up doesn't mean they can ban you.

    the script bot could just freeze and let the timer log it out, or logout after x-x time, 10seconds-120 seconds
  9. Oh, scratch that plan, then.

    Okay, that's not a bad alternative.. If they're near you, your bot idles as if you were afk.
  10. that's a good idea
  11. Doing anything out of the ordinary on detection of a jmod is a bad idea. If you notice on bot busting streams, they always go for the people who log out or teleport away first.
  12. That is why we said let it randomly logout within x-x seconds.

    I don't think there is a lot of rs07 bots that autologout when jmod is around, I mean there are I'm sure but most of it was script bot built in. This alternative wait x-x seconds would fix that, they can't ban you for being afk.
  13. They monitor people who log out at any time during the bot busting streams in OSRS and check them. I suggest you watch some of the bot busting streams so you know what I'm talking about. Having any event fire when a bot/mod is detected is a bad idea - if it causes any change in what the player is doing, it can be exploited.
  14. IIRC we can't disable the game canvas, It would require to interfere with the game code, which isn't possible with reflection.
  15. Not trying to burst your bubble, but there are reason's why a few of those aren't added in.

    -Mod Detection: This actually doesn't do you much good, they take notice of the people who log out just as much as those who don't, maybe even more.
    -No graphics: Currently not able to be done via reflection afaik.
    -Break timer: This has been left up to the bot authors to implement, as certain bots would be have dire consequences if they took breaks at the wrong time
    -Hp above heads/name above head: Unnecessary for most bots, it's up to bot authors to implement, similar to break timer.
    -Menus: Same as "No graphics"
    -Bot tab: Would end up with multiple bots on the same JVM, with 1 bot per JVM you have the resources you need.
    - New mouse movement: The current biometrics we use seem to work well, and hopping is known to be quite dangerous.

    Nice suggestions, and I agree they'd be nice, but I feel like it depends on the bot and some certain things aren't possible at the moment.

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