SoulWaterfiend 1.0

SoulWaterfiends is a bot that camps waterfiends using soulsplit. It gains 200k+ experience and 15...

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    SoulWaterfiend - SoulWaterfiends is a bot that camps waterfiends using soulsplit. It gains 200k+ experience and 15...

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  3. This is caused by revolution as one click doesn't always activate it. Fret not though real players do that with revolution on aswell, thanks for the feedback!
  4. [​IMG]Its so very juicy <3

    Would be higher, but for some reason my runemate got unexpected error :s

    Thank you very much :)
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  5. I looked at the error and made a simple push, thanks for the update
  6. Also, you don't need to have Rapid fire outside the 1-9 slots.

    I found the bot used the number shortcut for me (eg, binded to the number 7) whenever it was up. Might be useful if thats on the OP :)
  7. It just makes more sense to keep it out of the revolution area thanks though
  8. [​IMG]

    Cannot be more thankful :)
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  9. Is this script bot still working and/or are you still around to maintain it? I need to do some questing before being able to use curses and would really find this script bot useful once requirments are met.
  10. It worked while I used it.

    Gathered 20k charms before banned :p. But I was running alot of stuff 22/7
  11. Sorry to here about the ban, but the script bot should still work. As far as I am aware waterfiends isnt high ban rate but I'll let someone else do the testing on that lmfao
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  13. That's weird my script bot shouldn't be getting 99 WCing... I made it terminate after 1k exp til 99 hmm
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  14. You're not planning to make it bank, or give it an option for those who doesn't have soul split yet? :(
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  15. Use alpha waterfiends, it'll do what you need if u dont have ss
  16. I'll give it a try, thanks for the recommendation :D
  17. Nah banking is bad waste of exp and supplies
  18. Mine takes quite awhile to attack a WF in between kills.
    Mostly has to do with misclicking SS.

    What graphics settings do you run? And where do you place your action bar?

    EDIT: Yeah it simply does not turn on SS and won't enter combat again.

    Cursor is about half an inch right and clicks on the prayer numbers which does nothing.
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