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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Dylan Turner, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. I am ironman and am cutting teaks and am collecting a lot of special teak logs and is worth my time turning them to planks but is taking along time manually was wondering if someone could make a script bot that makes planks in taverly bbut uses the dialogue to use the special logs for free planks

    Please could someone look into making this or add it to a current plank maker :) would like those 99 construction gainz on my ironman

    It would need:
    • Withdraw preset 1
    • Running from taverly bank to the plank maker
    • Talk to the plank maker
    • Select option #2 (can do this by pressing 2 on the keyboard) to turn inventory of teak logs to planks for 2 special teak logs
    • Run back to taverly bank
    • Repeat
  2. I am playing an ironman as well, and have been using Pi Chopper to get teaks. If you want to use them for construction, try using the demon butler to plank those logs instead of doing them ureself. Alpha construction supports logs -> plank -> using planks
  3. Sorry so how do i use special logs with a demon butler ?
  4. Oh my bad, was being stupid :p Dint read the thread properly. Thought you basically just wanted a planking bot.
  5. Bump, please may someone look into this :/
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    Going to have to offeer a reward on this aswell as its had no interest , add my skkype live:dylan.turner if you would be innterested in making this privately

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