Spectre 2.0 Undetectable?

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  1. How undetectable will spectre 2.0 be... any counter measures to defeat jagex anti-cheat? Well as how will the mouse movements become more human like along with clicking?
  2. it will be about 3 undetectables with much counter measure.

    Edit: On a serious note. There's no standard scale to measure detectability, there's only anecdotal experience, which is impossible to have before the release xD

    Spectre was developed to combat certain techniques jagex uses/can use to detect botting clients.
    How are the mouse movements not already human like enough? They're all real mouse movements from a database, which are filtered based on biometrics iirc. I think I remember some talk about Menu handling being reworked for better interaction.
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  3. Regarding the mouse movement, spectre clouse will be more accurate and failsafe iirc
  4. Awesome :D
  5. Thanks for the information guys, sounds pretty solid cant wait for the release.
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    Thanks for the information guys, sounds pretty solid cant wait for the release.
  6. @SlashnHax no , there are some bots , that is premium and click overwall (like there is a wall before the place , soo it clicks on the wall and on the place at the same time) and this is soo obvious like what human can predict that this certain thing is here without seeing it ?
  7. If I am thinking correctly, detecting such thing would be very resource heavy for Jagex. With every click you do, they would need to calculate if the object you clicked is rendered behind any wall or not.
  8. The main issue with this is, calculating line of sight is an extremely intensive operation. It would be 100% possible, but it would hog a shitton of resources...
  9. Hi my name's Runebot2016 and I joined today. I have only this forum post but I've been using spectre for 2 minutes now and all my account is banned. Runescape dev told me they can detect system 42 cuz of spectre. They also stole my car and ate the last pop tart

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  10. 10/10

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