Spectre Beta Status

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  1. Current Version:

    Open Bugs: 15
    Resolved Bugs: 89
    Open Suggestions: 9
    Accepted Suggestions: 10
    Rejected Suggestions: 8

    Notable Changes:
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  2. Not all heroes wear capes.
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  3. Bless your soul
  4. Wait did you count those now by yourself or did you get the parser working?

    Edit: Just found out you can filter by prefixes.
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  5. Number of revisions: 17
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  6. Actually, it's currently 19 including revisions to secondary jars. I've added this number to the main post.
  7. dope af dude :D
  8. But some ride in giant mechs? :p
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  9. Thread endorsed by RuneMate Staff.
  10. The script bot is set to update every hour. There will be some down time tomorrow when I migrate over to a machine that can be on 24/7 (right now it's just on my laptop).

    I'll also add the current alpha version in tomorrow.

    Please note that the time stamp may be older than an hour for the "Last edited". This just means that the data has not changed since the last update.
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  11. What are the accepted/rejected suggestions?
  12. My script bot only provides the information that @Cloud specifically makes available to it. You'll have to ask him for more details.
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  13. Most of them have to do with the integrated javafx interface area that is provided for bots which is mostly handled by @Arbiter
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  14. Seeing by the amount of bugs still open i am guessing it will be another month at the minimum.
  15. Seeing by the amount of messages i am guessing you are a lousy leecher.
    Not a very fair argument right?
  16. Why do you guys have to be so hostile i wasn't complaining at all actually. I have waited for RiD for over 2 years, Yet runemate has always been my favorite bot client. I was stating my opinion not to attack @Arbiter or @Cloud i have thanked them for working so hard on this project for us before and i will do it again, I'm Excited for all i care the client can take a year to develop and i would still support these two over other developers because they are some of the best and have been around for a long time in the botting community. So apologies if it came out sounding rude.
  17. It definitely did come off as you complaining or being pessimistic. Good progress is being made though, rest assured.
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  18. Yeah i didnt mean it to, like i said i am very excited about it, i may not be very old on this forum but i am actually active across most botting sites, with runemate being my favorite. Seeing as i followed arbiter from rsbuddy.
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  19. I also followed Arbiter from RSBuddy, I'm super active, and it did come off as you complaining but I'm glad you let us know you weren't complaining :)
    All I can say is get hyped for Spectre!
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  20. I guess it was my observation based on new bugs coming out and bugs being resolved i check this thread often, it wasnt to be a dick or discredit arbiter or cloud,
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