Resolved Spectre thinks it is being ran on 64-bit JRE

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by DevTucker, May 26, 2016.

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  1. Im posting this in the development section as it only displays this error when i launch specter from IntelliJ specifically setting a 32-bit JRE in the run configurations I received the error "Spectre must be restarted using 32bit JRE" or something along those lines.. (Please excuse, I'm on mobile).

    I came to the assumption that maybe Runescape was being ran on a 64bit JRE and that may be my issue. So I uninstalled my 64bit JRE.

    Now all I have installed is a 32bit JRE and a 64bit JDK.

    I'm specifically setting Spectre to run with my 32bit JRE in the run configurations. Spectre runs fine when launched outside of IntelliJ.

    I have no issues when launching other hitting platforms from my IDE, so I'm not sure if this is a bug on specters end or if I'm doing something wrong.

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  3. You're going to need a 32bit JDK as well. In the run configurations, when are you setting a 32-bitRE?
  4. I've only got a 64bit installed and everything's working flawless for me

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  5. Launching inside or outside of intelliJ?
  6. Oh don't really realised how that would matter, launched from inside IDEA but the sout explicitly says it's being ran on a 64bit Java.

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  7. I didn't have a problem w/ 64 bit jre til trying to launch inside of IntelliJ, but hey if it works it works.
  8. Strange how it might work in IDEA but not outside of it..

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  9. Closing this thread as @DevTucker appears to have resolved his issue.

    @Algo_ RuneMate comes packaged with a 32-bit JRE, which is why it works outside of IntelliJ. If you boot in IntelliJ, it will use the JRE that you specify, if that happens to be a 64-bit JRE it will throw an error, if you're saying that the sout says it's running on a 64-bit JRE, confirm by navigating to Help > About in the Spectre client and if it IS working fine on a 64-bit, open a thread, because that's not meant to be possible.
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