RS3 Spiritual Warriors Money Making(1.2m/hr+)

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  1. ~Before starting this guide I just want to say I know there are much better money making methods out there but this one is very consistent and and has pretty low requirements and I feel its something that either a lot of people do not know about or is over looked so I thought I would bring it to light! I am in no way saying my method is the best or what you have to do, I'm simply sharing the way I do it.~


    In this guide I will be telling you the ins and outs of killing Spiritual Warriors in the Zamorak Lair at the GWD.IN LEGACY MODE
    First thing to note are the requirements and recommendations, and some Information about them.
    Spiritual Warriors are Level 98 combat and reside in the Godwars Dungeon.This is what they look like:

    -They are Weak to Air Spells, Which is why in the guide I will be telling you to kill them with a Polypore Staff.
    -Upon Death the reward you with 694 Xp In Magic/range/melee and 229 Constitution Xp,Making the xp/hr pretty good for the money you will be making!
    -If on a slayer task they provide 240 slayer xp per kill.
    Required Stats:
    55 Magic(For High Alchemy)
    70 Hitpoints(to enter Zammy GWD)
    68 Slayer to harm Spiritual Warriors
    About 1m cash for gear
    Recommended Stats:
    80+ Magic(For Polypore Staff)
    70+ Defence(For better robes/less damage taken)
    5m cash+ depending on your choice of gear
    Now that you have your stats sorted out lets take a look at the gear you should use and your inventory setup.
    -This is the Gear setup I personally use, I do NOT recommend using any gear that degrades other than a polypore staff. Full Subjugation would be the best since it doesn't degrade.
    -You should not need this much food but it depends on your hp and defense, if you run out they drop cooked sharks often for you to use.

    How to get to God Wars
    -If it is your first time here make sure to bring a rope to enter the dungeon!!
    -If you have completed The Mighty Fall quest you can teleport directly to Godwars, So you can Ignore this part.
    -If you have completed Edgar's Ruse quest, You can teleport to Trollheim and run to Godwars using this path:
    -If you do not have these requirements then you will have to run from Burthrope using this path:

    Where to go once in the dungeon
    Once you enter the dungeon make sure your zamorak item is equipped before proceeding any further.
    When you climb down the rope you are going to want to follow this path to where you will be killing the spiritual Warriors.
    Once there you are going to want to lure them around this rock to kill them.

    What to loot
    What to pick up:
    Super Strength Potion(3)-Decant into 4 dose
    Rune Halbard
    Rune Longsword
    Rune Dagger
    Off-hand Rune Longsword
    Off-hand Rune Dagger
    Rune Kiteshield
    Adamant 2H Sword
    Ghostly Essence
    Warpriest Items
    Noted Coal
    Noted Mithril Ore
    Noted Adamant Ore
    Coin Drops(They are 6.5k-9.5k!)
    Cooked Shark

    What to Alch:
    Rune Halbard
    Rune Longsword
    Rune Dagger
    Off-hand Rune Longsword
    Off-hand Rune Dagger
    Rune Kiteshield
    Adamant 2H Sword

    The Outcome
    To Gather the data for this guide I stayed on a 2 hour trip, although the results are about the same as every time I've gone before.
    Here is everything I got within those 2 hours, with the Magic XP gained.(The coins in my pouch are included)

    Final Price Check

    Overall Results and Conclusion

    In my 2 hours there I got 440 kills which averages to 220 kills per hour.
    I used ~50 alchs per hour( 47 the first hour and 53 the 2nd)
    I average around 2 rune hallys per hour(these are the big drop, alch for 76k each)
    I gained about 300k Magic XP and 100k Constitution XP, 150k/hr and 50k/hr respectively.
    I made 1.2m the first hour and 1.5m the second hour averaging to 1.35m/hr with 81 magic and 76 defense, 103 combat.

    Hope this guide helps some of you mid to lower level players make some money! I personally like this method because although there are easier methods that make more money per hour without combat or with combat, I like fighting and getting drops and I like how relaxing it is there away from people and it's really laid back. Thanks for reading, any feedback is appreciated, and if you would like to see any other guides, please recommend them and I may give it a go!
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  2. Nice method, let's hope this doesn't saturate the method too much.

    Also, it might be nice to loot the warpries while being there, it's pretty neat armour.
  3. I doubt the $/hr will be affected much due to not having to worry about items crashing as the majority of the money made is from alching the rune item, which will remain the same. Also I believe I included the warpriest in the loot list.
  4. It can't be sold but warpriest is one of the best hybrid Armour around so I'd say it's definitely worth looting.
  5. Doesn't revolution mode speed up the kills?
  6. I kill them in legacy
  7. Nice guide! Hopefully, you'll keep making them unlike this lazy noob @EvilCabbage :p

    Cabbage: y no osrs guide?:'(
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  8. I don't play osrs but If you have an rs3 guide you would like to see let me know, I can only do mid to low level content I don't have a good account to do high level content with :(
  9. Awesome! Thank you for the amazing guide.
  10. I have tried it for rhe last hour and got 2.2M out of it with 295 kills. I have 91 mage and im using a legendary pet which picks up almost everything. So its a pretty good method thanks for the tip!
  11. That message was intended for Cabbage lol. Anyways, I'd rather see low-mid level guides due to high level ones already being well-known;)
  12. Nice dude, Glad I could help you out! Wish I had a legendary pet, would greatly increase Profit/hr!
    Thanks and anytime! If you have a suggestion for a guide let me know!
    Ah, Well maybe making a few guides are in order then! I'll post when I think of something:)

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