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  1. Hi I just wanted to give my feedback on the sponsor service RuneMate offers. No I'm not a sponsor or supporter but i plan on buying a package very shortly how ever. Because im considering iv been look at the prices and the amount of botting hours i get base on the price I feel sponsor doesn't add enough botting hours for its price. Now i get it it removes ads and you can add external links but the ads aren't even that bad there fine there not in the way or anything so with that being said you can pay $5/month for supporter and get 500 hours and 5 accounts or you pay $15/month and get 500 hours and 5 accounts to me $5/month is a better deal dis pit sponsor removes ads but again the ads aren't that bad or in the way
  2. No. The point of sponsor is to allow people to advertise their external links which they are profiting from. Because they are profiting from it they are expected to pay more.
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  3. Can't emphasise this enough. Sponsor is used for one of two (possible third) purposes:
    1. Removal of ads if you're that fussed about them.
    2. You want to use RuneMate as a platform to profit from.
    (3. You just want to be super lovely to us!)

    For everything else, save your $10 from Supporter/Sponsor and use it to purchase a higher Supporter rating.

    PS Please use punctuation.
  4. Darn it, you caught me
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  5. Simply put, if the extra benefits of the Sponsor package don't appeal to you then you aren't the target customer for it and should probably opt for a different one. This applies for pretty much any purchase in life.
  6. Pretty much everybody is complaining about the hours that donators get other than the staff asslickers. Surprised you haven't upped it yet.
  7. FTFY
  8. Then I guess 95% of RuneMate doesn't have common sense!
  9. You know how they say that common sense isn't quite so common?
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    Also, where the fuck are you pulling these numbers from? So far we've had more people upgrade to sponsor than we've seen complain about it. At what point are you going to shut the fuck up and just admit you're greedy?
  10. 100% of runemate users do not use runemate. #FACT
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  11. Staff asslickers, what are you implying? Next to that, it's just a couple bucks a month, if you can't afford to spend money for getting a product in return, please leave this world, you don't get the "economics". The dutch saying goes like this;

    "The sun rises for free", which equates to nothing is free.
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  12. I don't think you even read my sentence correctly, I said people are complaining at the amount of hours you get FOR donating. I never said "You shouldn't have to donate!". I mean people who literally asslick staff on the forums, it's pretty self explanatory.
  13. gf greederdog
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