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  1. Supreme Leader submitted a new resource:

    SS Artisans - Smiths burial armour in Artisan's workshop (Falador)

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  2. What are the level requirements and does it cost gp?
  3. Level 30 is required for iron I think. And you have to bring you're own ores, but 1 ore gives 100 xp so its much cheaper.
  4. Gonna try this as it's a comp requirement too. Thanks man
  5. It's a trimmed comp requirement.
  6. What he said.

    Working so far so good buy it's a pain that it's not putting in new ores when the bot runs out. I also noticed that it wont adjust to whatever this fat dwarf tells you to smith for better points. Apart from that it's great - thanks!
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  7. Going to try this out shortly, shall post my thoughts later this week.
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  8. @Supreme Leader

    Great script bot, love it! Just got from 30-55 in an hour or 2. Would be great if you could implement the depositing of ores. Say if you're doing iron make sure to have 5k iron in the inventory to top up. Couldn't be too hard to implement. Thanks for the great scripts bots keep up the good work!!!!
  9. Definately agree. Although i got 30-80 rather easily with only coming to computer like three times, it would still be nice to have, to auto-99 ;)
  10. A recent update has made this bot unusable..
  11. @Cloud

    Since Aladeen isn't around anymore, I guess this means it's the end for SS Artisans?
  12. Where'd he go? and couldn't someone else fix it?
  13. Yes, this bot is kill.

    The source code is posted on these forums, so anyone can fix it and re-release under their own name.
  14. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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