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  1. I won't be making bots any time soon, I'm busy with college and work. I make bots for fun and to improve my coding skills, and don't actually have any interest in RuneScape itself. I give this code out for free, you can use it in any of projects, and giving credit is optional. The code itself felt clean and efficient when I wrote it, but looking now, it feels like there are so many areas I could improve. That being said, I may return next year if the client is still around.

    I can't be bothered to install git on my computer so I just made a zip with the java files. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks, but why such a sketchy site lol
  3. Thanks for your time here, havent really used any of your scripts bots but artisans and it was working pretty good, hope to see you come back :)
  4. You don't know zippyshare?? Peasant!

    Very noble of you to give the sources out mister. It's a shame you couldn't keep making and tweaking your own work. :(
  5. Thanks for sharing :)
  6. Had a good time with you being around, I guess we all hope to see you again soon! :)

    Also, thanks for sharing your knowledge of course!
  7. Thanks man and I wish you the best in life.
  8. Didn't really get to talk to you, but you seemed like a really swell person!

    Good luck with college! :)
  9. Thanks everyone! If you have any questions on how the code works, you can PM me.
  10. well "zippy" in my local language means "my pen*s" .. I just wanted to leave this here. :'D
  11. I gotta check out the bonfire one, looks awesome!
  12. Thanks for being here :) i think many people can still learn and work of you code! :)

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