SS Bots [Team]

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  1. A set of flawless and efficient bots to be released:

    - SS Fighter
    - SS Abyss
    - SS Herblore
    - SS Dragons

    I'm looking to add members on to the team once I finish the core api, framework and paint (give me about a week). So if you are interested in joining, PM me.
  2. Ah great! Might join team Schutzstaffel
  3. what SS stands for will remain a mystery :p
    1. Stainless Steel
    2. Social Security
    3. Social Studies
    4. Short Story
    5. Single Source
    6. Secret Service
    7. Saturday, Sunday
    8. Server Side
    9. Sesame Street
    10. Same Subject
    11. Second Series
    12. Single Sided
    13. Short Supply
    14. So Sweat
    15. System Support
    16. Spongebob Squarepants
    17. Sweet Sixteen
    18. Super Size
  4. Nazi team.
  5. SS = Super Sick
  6. No.

    When I say I don't know hate it stands for, I mean I honestly don't know what it stands for.
    I'll laugh if most of the people who join are from former Nazi-occupied countries
  7. Silver Sickle Bots? :D

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