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  1. I will be straightforward with this guide as I'm too lazy for introductions...

    In RS3 you have 4 main types of staking:

    1. Drygore staking (very unsafe! I do not recommend this):
    - Pretty much as Chaotic staking Pre-EoC. Pick either Drygore longsword or rapier, along with Drygore mace. Now, the longsword/rapier is for high hits while the mace is for winning ticks. Subsequently, the aforementioned ones have higher max-hits and are slower, while the mace is "fastest" and has a reduced max hit.
    - Scammers with cosmetic drygores while they actually wear a magic wand, and tick the melee option off and go for mage instead. So pay attention!
    - Bug abusers at the moment, so I don't recommend staking a lot of money with Drygores. Also, watch out for people who say "Drygore 30-700m" as these people are usually bug abusing/scamming.
    - If you ever see someone saying that Drygores are safe, then they're lying. It's not safe at all. A lot of stallers/bug abusers 24/7.
    - Recommended stats: 99 str/atk/def/hp.

    2. Polypore staking:
    - This is my favourite one because it's the fastest and, if you do it right, the safest. Grab a polypore staff and 28 vials. Trade your opponent and send him a staking challenge right away. If he does it right, he'll trade you back (trade interface), both of you show 28 vials, and he will click on the staking challenge you sent so that you can proceed to the stake interface directly. This is to prevent any stalls during the stake.
    - Common scam methods: Name scammers. These scammers have 2 accounts with almost identical names where the first one trades and the other one sends a staking challenge. The first one, which isn't going to stake, shows 28 vials to show that he's "legit," then other guy ends up entering the stake with vengs and a shield.
    - ALWAYS INVY CHECK PROPERLY! It's better to wait 5-10 mins for a legit stake than to lose your money to a scammer right away.
    - Recommended stats: 99 magic/def/hp.

    3. Regular box:
    - I don't think this really needs any explaining. However, there are many scammers out there who are trying to turn the amulet option on, so be aware!
    - Recommended stats: 99 atk/def/str/hp.

    4. Overload boxing:
    - Basically the same as Regular boxing except you use Overloads. Keep 1 Overload (4)/(6), antipoison++, weapon poison and 25 vials in your inventory. You CAN get poisoned even with weapon poison in the other guy's inventory. Drink one dose of overload when the stats reduces by 1.

    • Stalls/bug abuse: simply put; any in-game objects/interface which gives you the edge in a stake. They delay opponent's hits so that they don't come through in time, while you keep hitting. This usually happens in Drygore/Polypore stakes if you don't inventory check properly.
    • Also, I am not going to give away any stalls or bug abusing tricks and you shouldn't do so either, although you're free to do it if you want to:)
    I will keep this updated, and if you have any questions then feel free to leave them here. I will try my utmost to answer them properly. However, exams are coming up so I won't have time to keep everything up-to-date.

    Next update: pro staking tips!:)

    Good luck staking and happy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ AMENO ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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  2. Great Tips. really one of the first staking guides ive found :)
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  3. Thanks, I will elaborate upon this later on but that's when I finish all the schoolwork:p
  4. thanks for the guide, as far as you know does eoc vs legacy affect this in any way and if so how? im just starting back after 4 years and still playing legacy would like to get back into staking
  5. EoC momentum is the same as legacy. You can use that if you want to, although I prefer legacy because of the simple layout. However, you'll get destroyed if you use EoC revolution vs legacy because there will be no abilities allowed.
  6. You gonna elaborate any time soon xD. I need some pro poly staking tips lel
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  7. I was looking at the guide hoping for some defense pure staking, gives me lots of P2P staking
    Nice guide regardless
  8. Poly staking is easy tho. Polypore staff, legacy mode, vial check and you're good to go. Only downside is that there's a lot of bug abusers and scammers.

    The thing with staking is that you just have to keep staking (despite losses), and you'll eventually find out how to do it properly. Just remember that discipline is key. Greed ain't good.
    Defence pure on rs3 is shiet afaik because no one stakes that way (on p2p). Haven't staked for over 2-3 months, so idk if anything has changed doe.

    And thnx:)
  9. lol these plebs stake nothing, true reason why rs3 is EasyScape
  10. I have ~700m, how much should I stake so I don't get cleaned?
  11. +1
    Osrs staking > rs3 staking
    I'd never do 1b+ on rs3 unless I do it against a m8. Rs3 staking, especially box/drygore, are filled with bug abusers.
    It depends on how much you're willing to lose. You can do a 500m yolo... or just do 100m with 20m stakes.
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