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    Hey guys,

    After some digging and experimenting i found a way to delete the Jagex Launcher completely and play Runescape without it.

    First of all install the Jagex Launcher to fetch data, next follow these steps:

    1. Install RS3 with Jagex Launcher.

    2.Choose path and press install, default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jagex Launcher\Games\RuneScape

    3.Goto Path folder and paste Runescape.exe on desktop or another location. (choosing desktop to make things easier.)
    step3 pics.jpg

    4. Uninstall the Jagex Launcher, I am using CCleaner for this.

    5. Locate Runescape.exe (step 3) and launch it.
    step6 check store data.jpg
    Pressing the cog icon shows the default store data.

    6.Setting up Proxifier (proxy use)
    step10 setting up proxifier.jpg
    step11 tadaa.jpg

    1. Install OSRS.

    2. Choose path, by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jagex Launcher\Games\Old School RuneScape

    3. Press play to create cache files.

    4. After OSRS is loaded close OSRS + Jagex Launcher completely.

    5. Locate files (cache data and game data)
    step5 pictures.jpg

    6. Create a folder called "jagexlauncher" inside the jagexcache folder and drag all files from Old School Runescape game folder to this folder.
    step6 copy content to map.jpg

    7. Open the jagexlauncher folder (the one you just created) and navigate to bin folder.

    8. In this folder there is a file called JagexLauncher, create a shortcut and paste it on desktop.
    step8 pictures.jpg

    9. Now that this file is placed on desktop, right click it and choose "Properties".
    step9 click properties.jpg

    10.1 Locate Target.
    10.2. Write "oldschool" without the "" next to JagexLauncher.exe (Next to Target).
    10.3 Press Change Icon.
    10.4 Press Browse and locate OSRS icon, by default: .jagexcache\jagexlauncher\oldschool
    10.5 Choose oldschool.ico and press open followed by OK.
    10.6 Apply settings.
    step10 write oldschool + give icon.jpg

    11. tadaaa
    step11 tadaaaa.png

    12. Delete the Jagex Launcher.

    I hope i can at least help someone with this tutorial ;)
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