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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by DrewChrist, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. I was hoping to start a discussion about how everyone starts out their fresh accounts. Of course I'm not looking for botting secrets or methods. I'm just wondering what people's processes are to make new accounts and get them ready to bot! It seems like many of my accounts get banned really earl, but I'm doing the same things I would be doing if I was playing legitimately. The issue I have is not being able to get any of my accounts high enough levels to do any profit botting.

    My method thus far:
    1. Make account
    2. Use MaxiTutIsland to finish tutorial island (I only do this while I'm doing homework, so I can babysit)
    3. I usually use MaxiChickenKiller to start leveling combat right away
    (I use it because it automatically changes from att, def, str)
    4. Do a quest
    5. Start working on important f2p skills
    6. Do more quests
  2. Start doing Tutorial Island legit. Rumor is that they bot watch it very heavily.
  3. Well the accounts always lasted for at least a week and half so I never really thought it was tut island.. But I'll start doing that. I should also point out I do not use vpn's or proxies. I can't afford them at the moment, because college is ruining me xD

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  4. I don't use them either ;)
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  5. Man why bot tutorial Island? I can't understand the lazyness. It's just like what? 5-10 minutes max?

    My process is to make account look legit. Edgeville man bot till level 30-50+ and then start killing. Get P2P and start bringin in some mad cash
  6. jup do tutorial island legit and dont start botting on accounts right away let them be for a while decreases the chance of getting banned to ( works for me ) :p
  7. Amen.

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