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  1. I really want to start developing bots for RuneMate. The question I have is how much Java do I really need to know to start? I ask this because I've heard that not every aspect of Java is implemented when making bots. With that said, if I work through the Java Beginner's Guide for JDK 8 that was released by Oracle, will I know enough to develop well or am I missing out on a lot? I do know that I'll have to read and understand the RM api, but I don't want to get ahead of myself.
  2. That guide is a good one and more than sufficient to get the basics down. I'd say get a couple chapters in, look at RuneMate's API, and then work on a bot while you continue with the guide. It's a lot easier to stay motivated when you're working towards a goal. :)
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    Also join Dev Chat. Atmosphere has a big impact on performance.
  3. Things to start with/must-have if you wish to look into additional resources based on the below 'buzz words'.

    Java Classes
    Java Objects
    Java Control Flow Statements (if-then, if-then-else, switch and you have your for and while loops as-well)
    Java Variables
    Java Booleans

    Looking into and trying your best to understand the above, then looking at a OpenSource mining/woodcutting script bot will allow you to conceptualize the idea a lot better.

    Good luck in your learning endeavors!
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  4. I recently downloaded that pdf and will give it a serious go. I studied C# at college and I heard they have many similarities.
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