OSRS str exp with no exp gain

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  1. Ok so there is a way to train str with no exp although it takes forever!!!!

    Basically it is the Blast Furnace pumping mechanism. All you have to do is ride the bicycle until one of the bycicles clogs break and you are able to pump for however long you want without it blowing up on you.

    Basically all you would need to do is have a script bot click on 3 spaces give or take, or if you make it like the agility scripts bots, just put boxes around the collect coke, refuel stove, and operate pump.

    it takes about 25 shovels to refuel the stove for about 2-4 minutes worth of pumping.
    so what you could do is have a requirement of 25 shovels in inventory, click on the collect coke 25 times in a row, and then click on refuel stove 25 times in a row. and then click on operate pump and then have a reset timer for every 3 minutes.

    i dont know how scripts bots work but it seems very simple to me.

    I know a lot of people would be pretty happy to be able to get str exp with no hp exp although it takes forever.
    I would personally upgrade to supporter jsut for this script bot
  2. Can't you do this with barb fishing? What's the xp/hr on this?
  3. depending on how good the bot is id say 10-14k exp an hour, i have no idea how much str exp is for barb fishing

    edit=i dont have osbuddy so i dont have any solid numbers but with me afk doing it while watching netflix its that amounts, so it could be higher with a steady bot
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    Can someone please do this?? barb fishing grants you max of like 6k exp per hour. this bot could double that exp

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