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  1. I just received a 2 day ban (bot busting moerdate) after logging in today. I logged in an was disconnected after a few seconds, or it may have been a delayed ban. I've recently been getting 50 firemaking at falador east bank, 53 thieving at master farmers, 40 agility at draynor rooftop. Yesterday botted 10 hours of nonstop fletching at varrock east bank. Before all those I've botted combat at a remote place where I've only seen 1 person ever pass by.

    It is very hard to pinpoint which activity got me busted because it might have been delayed. Is it because I did theving master farmers or agility? Or is it because I logged in to an unupdated client and was detected? After this 2 day ban lifts, will I be under heavy scrutiny? Should I abandon my 99 fletching goal for now (12mill xp to go)? If I use a bot with good anti-ban, I'll be okay?
  2. No one would know whether you got banned for botting thieving/agility. I wouldn't bot if I were you, but this decision is entirely up to you. Don't bot on an account you're not willing to risk.
  3. Maybe I should let my membership expire and wait out a few weeks?
  4. That won't really help, at least not after a bot busting offence.
  5. Does that mean I'm being monitored closely from now on?
  6. Si mi amigo.
  7. They will probably be watching you for a while, if not forever; who knows how it works - if you want to keep the account I would suggest not botting, at least not straight away.
  8. Nobody can tell you "man you will be safe with this bot and that client don't worry",
    there is ALWAYS a chance you get banned, and 07 is more strict on this than any other client.
  9. Just keep trying, that's all I can say. It's all about that trial and error no one can do that walk for you. Don't bot an account you don't want to lose.
  10. Would anyone say that RuneMate is the safer bot available (e.g compared to Osbot/Tribit/etc). Also, bot busting means I was manually found right? Like through a player submitted report?
  11. This one is safer but I truly feel you're missing the point. Everyone is looking for some God like bot and you're not going to find a bot that is 100% safe. Maybe botting is not your thing because you're getting all wound up over one account getting busted. Either crap or get off the pot bro.
  12. I think you're getting the wrong idea. I have been through this before. I am trying to gather more information so that I can lower the chances of getting caught. Please be nice online.
  13. keQ
    Sorry I didn't realize how I was coming off. If you plan on botting on that account just know that you have a higher chance of being watched so you can keep it as a main or transfer items to a desired account and continue botting. I personally bot many many accounts some get banned some don't sometimes my fault sometime just bad luck. Hope that helps
  14. keep on botting :) reverse psychology
  15. Chances are they will be watching your account at least with more automated detectors, but no one can verify for sure since Jagex doesn't release any information about bot busting. If you're afraid to lose the account, don't bot on it. If you're willing to take the risk, go for it. Jagex seems to use delay bans quite a bit and only bust you when you log back in, so it's impossible to pinpoint what gets you caught. Also, it might not have been a player report, Jagex has anti-bot programs that run every account and (chances are) you set off a trigger that said you were a bot.

    Again, no one can confirm or deny much about Jagex's methods since they don't release any information, everything that we know is purely observation and guessing.
  16. I've decided I will continue to bot although less frequently. I can't stand hours of mindless grinding. I will report back if anything else happens.
  17. I had a gold farm account on rs3 that got a 2 day ban, the day i was unbanned i switched to osrs and gold farmed. That account is still active and has gotten me over 40m osrs.
  18. What did you bot and how long was it since your first ban? What level is the account? Any information or observations you can share?
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    For non-gold farming, does Bot Busting Moderate always come before Macroing Major? I'm assuming Bot Busting Moderate is when you get reported by a player and it goes through or if it just another way of saying "warning do not bot again"?. Previously I received Bot Busting Moderate (2 day) and Macroing Major 11 days after. This time I got Bot Busting Moderate again. Does this mean I have to be more smart about where/when to bot?
  19. I think they normally do a 2-day ban to an account that was confirmed botting, but not heavily. If you were suiciding a stat on an almost maxed account, they would probably do a permanent ban.
  20. When I got banned for 2 days, I legited my account for half an hour to an hour (mostly afk stuff like fishing) for about two months. Then I started botting on it again, gradually increasing the amount of time botted each day, and I had no problems since.
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