Streaming while scripting?

Discussion in 'General' started by red, Jun 28, 2016.


Would you consider watching

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  1. Well i just kinda wanted to know if people would watch if i were to stream while scripting. I do know that some people enjoy watching other people program for some reason also could be used as a tutorial for those a little more advanced with java just looking to script bot. As some of you know, I lack motivation to continue projects and hope that maybe this would fix it? If most people say yes i'm going to probably start soon and start with a dungoneering bot.
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  2. Yes absolutely. I've been wanting to do this for ages but unfortunately the code I work with most of the time is intellectual property.

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  3. I would actually enjoy this very much!
  4. I think this would be an amazing resource for people wanting to learn how to code!
  5. I was thinking about this as well, but I heard that some streaming services were pretty strict on what you stream so I never really looked into it xD
  6. Twitch probably would not allow it. Hitbox probably would though.
  7. Maybe you can stream it under game development, not sure if it goes 100% by the rules on twitch though
    Look it up? :)
    Else, hitbox won't care.
    Would love to see someone script bot, easier for me to learn some coding ;P
  8. Yes from me. Just make sure to allow VoDs :D
  9. Well quite obviously i'm going todo it, I think I will start tomorrow and i'm going to try hitbox because I know that twitch will yell at me.
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    Okay guys started the stream: {{meta.title || 'Hitbox'}}
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    obs aint cooperating right now might take a while before I get it right
  10. Twitch has a creative/programming section.
  11. Yes but botting is against the rules. Someone botted on stream and got banned before so im going to assume its a nah.
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    Finally got the stream to not lag. Come join me at
  12. Dude, my name on slack is Matt Dawg lol, nice mDawg. Same with my bots, they are all ...... Dawg :D

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