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  1. Would it be possible to improve the current interaction method? Firstly, the current method is relatively slow. This might not be an issue with bots that require few actions (e.g., woodcutting and fishing bots) but it is for bots that do require frequent actions (e.g., hunting and thieving bots). Secondly, the current version is fairly inaccurate. Occasionally, multiple interaction attempts are necessary before bots actually manage to do something, especially if animated Npcs are nearby. Finally, the current method is unreliable. I have noticed that the interaction method will mess up sometimes, even if it successfully right-clicked on an object to make an appropriate menu item appear. This results in bots getting stuck. In conclusion, the current interaction method is not adequate to develop bots that require frequent interactions.
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  2. In addition, if there are multiple GameObjects with the same interaction but different object names, it will sometimes interact with the wrong GameObject. Minor, because this is rare, but still related.
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  3. @Cloud - Interaction needs an overhaul. Not to mention, menu actions are still bugged.
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  4. 1000% agree. Menu actions are awful.
  5. Yup, interaction fails about 80% of the time, at least that's how it feels like. Which is actually less human, humans don't fail interactions that frequently.

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