Resolved Stuck on Hero tab

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by alpinestars, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. While using Pixie FDK and Alpha slayer, my bot seems to open the hero tab when it's trying to drink potions before it fights. any fix would be greatly appreciated
  2. This does seem to be a client issue @Arbiter @Cloud

    Hero tab opening has been fixed but the bot cannot interact with inventory items.
  3. Im heavily experiencing this bug, super annoying! Will be happy when its fixed!
  4. Hero tab opening has been fixed by unbinding the hotkey in-game. yet alpha slayer and pixie fdk will not interact with potions/food until you manually do it. sorry i didn't have time to update the thread.
  5. No fix yet?
  6. Temporarily added the hero interface along with several others back to the interface closer until I come up with a better solution.
  7. That is not the issue any more.
  8. any fix for this yet?
  9. It should have been fixed (both of the things in this thread).

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