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Divination as a SuperUser.

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  2. Thank you for this amazing script bot!
    Here i found 2 issues:
    - When goes to the rift: clicking all the time on the same option, spamming over and over ( just tried incandescent energy mode)
    - if you choose to go to the rift with an inventory of 25, it goes to the rift, start exchanging memories and when it have exchanged like 5-6 clicks on a wisp, instead waiting to unload whole inv.
    - i haven't tried with rift with guthian cache, usually gives error with other scripts bots (maybe with this one not). is interesting to try it.
  3. I actually do have support for the guthian rifts xD (I had ran into the issue myself and fixed it)

    I have actually also ran into point #2 that you mentioned and I an idea on how to fix it. Also, when you say spamming interaction with the rift, does it not delay At All between interactions? Or is it delayed... just not long enough?

    I'll do these when I get home and push out and update.

    Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoy it! Please keep in mind though... most bot clients that aren't Spectre have a pretty significant ban rate. Bot with caution is all I'm saying!

    Thanks again!
  4. Nice guthian support!! works great.
    i think point #2 fix would be to track inventory: i mean, if i have for example 1-2 items (a sword and a shield), the bot should not drop then, just tree logs (sometimes could miss click on a tree), and use all memories in the inventory.

    #1 issue: it does not have a deal between clicking on "convert to..." just click over and over on it.

    thank you very much ^^
  5. Thanks for getting back to me! And after some testing, I seem to have a solution to the bot dismissing from conversion early. Thanks broski!
  6. Aw shit!
    Going to be running this for awhile, I'll give you any bugs I find :p
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    Works for awhile, but it misclicks and the interface opens for what option to chose, then it craps out :/
  7. idle too much and isnt consistent
  8. Been using this bot for the past couple days, runs flawlessly for me! Love it! Keep up the awesome work!
  9. everytime it turns in a memory it reclicks the rift which slow down the efficentcy by close to 50% also seems very botlike that way as a player would never do that :p
  10. working beasty, could you possibly add cache support? happens every 4 hour or so i believe..
  11. while converting, the bot keeps trying to right click and convert again repeated
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  12. SudoDivination gets the work done, although at a relatively slow pace. It takes approximately 15-30 seconds before it performs an action correctly (e.g. selecting a whisp, subsequently interacting with it and so on). Would it be possible to optimize the speed of this? Thanks! :)
  13. I actually have this feature ready... I'm just testing it :)
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    People seem to be having mixed performances on this. If you're not exaggerating and you seriously get 15-30 seconds between actions, something is seriously wrong. Maybe mess around with your settings, change to use Middle Mouse to rotate (this is what I use), turn the scan radius down... see what you can do.
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    You most likely have an animation purchased from the solomon's store... if you send me the animation ID, I can add it to the bot to be supported
  14. Sweet cant wait
  15. @proxi i have no animation
    Also, when it accidentally opens the memory conversion window, the bot gets stuck
    Any way to stop it from clicking "enter cache"
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