SudoFisher 2.2.4

Fish like a SuperUser.

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    SudoFisher - Fish like a SuperUser.

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  2. It seems like a very polished script bot. Do you have any experience?
  3. Thanks Draggin :D

    This is my first time really playing with Java, but I have a lot of experience with C#.
  4. The bot has been working great for the past hour. Using it on my ironman too :D

    Additions such as LRC would be great though :)
  5. Good to hear @Prodigy. I'm about to push an update that fixes Lumbridge location, when I fixed Fishing Guild I had to go back to other locations and accidentally skipped lumby lol.

    So v1.0.5 should have lumby fix and some additional Anti-Ban.

    P.S. I'll be adding things such as LRC when my IronBot gets high enough combat to go in there. Monkfish should be relatively soon
  6. My bot somehow ended up on the other side of the fence, east of the bank in the fishing guild. Im not sure how that happened, but thats the only bug I have encountered so far.
  7. I found the issue you were talking about. It was an issue created when I fixed Lumby. They should both be functional now.

    Thanks for the feeback! :D
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  8. Heya Bud!

    Any progress on getting locations setup for DarkScape fishing locations?

    Seems like a good way to do Lobsters would be to make it so that the bot goes via the Tzhar City location to Karamja

  9. Oh! Great Idea!

    The majority of the DarkScape features are finished. Should be pushed by tomorrow :D
  10. awesome to hear, thanks man!
  11. Working on it now actually! May get pushed tonight.
  12. Woohoo, that would be great!
  13. Hey Proxi!

    Any chance of getting this running smoothly on Dark scape? The fishing guild area is a bit glitchy! :)
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  14. There is DarkScape support for Draynor, Lumbridge, and Catherby.

    Web Paths appear to be glitchy in DarkScape right now so the bot has an issue with Musa Point and the Fishing Guild gate.

    These issues are going to be worked on and I may switch away from Web Paths in v1.0.7. An update should be out later this weekend with full support.

    I changed up some of the logic in the code, Fishing Guild should be fixed in v1.0.7 and has already been pushed to the store :) Just awaiting approval.

    (Musa Point will need some special attention later on this weekend lol)
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  15. Will you be adding priffdinas fishing? :p
  16. Proxi you my friend are a legend! much loves
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  17. Can't wait till the Musa Point version is up and running!

    You da man! :)
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  18. Fantastic script bot, added support for wildy sharks would be fantastic.
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  19. Not sure why but sometimes when fishing sharks in the fishing guild, it teleports to ardougne, then tries to get back into the fishing guild but instead of opening the gate of the guild it just goes around and gets stuck on the wrong side of the fences.

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