SudoWoodcutter 2.1.2

Chop trees like a SuperUser.

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    SudoWoodcutter - Chop trees like a SuperUser.

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  2. same error here
  3. I'll be looking to fixing this in the afternoon. Thanks for reporting :)
  4. script bot runs okay.. however it just sits there, no gui pops up or anything.
  5. Updates to fix the issues have been pushed :)

    Check the Versions in OP for changelog
  6. Still error :/
  7. The GUI just never pops up?
  8. Yes
  9. Hmm.. It works flawlessly on dev client... Something else must be blocking it other than manifest resources.

    I'll ask @Cloud if he's seen this before.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 7, 2015, Original Post Date: Oct 7, 2015 ---
    Solution appears to have been found. Update is pushed, just waiting for approval so we can test.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 8, 2015 ---
    Would you mind testing now?
    • What was your location? Seers
    • What were you chopping? Malpe
    • RS3 or DS? DS
    • Give, in great details, exactly what happened. It banking my Sexy Rune axe and Not taking it out of my sexy bank of RuneScape

  10. Wield the axe
  11. i have lvl 1 att lol
  12. Please add support for Yew tree location in Zanaris :D Thankyou!
  13. Is this is darkscape?
  14. Yes Darkscape
  15. i recently use your script bot/bot but there is a mistake. there r no yews in seears/cath could u pls fix this? or somehow add yew locations in ds?

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