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  1. Hey so now when we have the 23 hour restriction I think it would be a good idea if everyone implented a break-session, so basiclly in every GUI you have a option to choose a specific run time "3, 6, 9 hours". So when you choose one of these options the script bot will run for that amount of "chosen" time.

    Also I think it would be nice if we have an option like this ex. Scenario: " I choose 3 hour session in GUI, now when the 3 hours has been, then you can choose like in how many minutes/hours the script bot logs back in again and continues..."

    I think this is a very effective and "human-like" behavior now that we have the 23 hour thingy.

    Just putting it out there.

    @Cloud - Maybe make it a official thing?
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  2. This suggestion was made earlier but a scripter can't know when it's safe to logout (Stated by @Arbiter ).
  3. Lol of course you'll never know when it's "safe" to login, but having the option to log out and in after a certain amount of time increases the "human-like" behavior I was mentioning. Sometimes people can forget their bot is running and get a unfortunate ban, having this system regulating the session is a step forward in my opinion.
  4. I have that in my AIO Cooker (not qooker)
  5. To make it even more human like, you could add a random time to login. Example : you choose to login after 20-30 mins. So the script bot chooses a random time between the time gap to login so it's different every time.
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  6. Iin my script bot is: When you select the time you want it to be afk, and you lets say chose 15min. It will randomly generate from 15min to 18-20min any sec between
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  7. I have never experienced the 23 hr sessions so far, i've always been kicked after about 4-6 hours
  8. Simba has the Break System which is really good because it makes breaks (random time) making the scripts bots look very human-like.

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