Suggestions needed for my (premium) hunter bot

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  1. I've been out of RS3 for a long time, so I'm not sure what would be good to have in my hunter bot. Leave suggestions!

    So far suggested/implemented:
    Chinchompas/Skillchompas (complete)
    Birds (ready for testing)
    Salamanders (will be implemented)

    Note: it's a hybrid script bot, so RS3 and 07, but I'm looking mainly for RS3 suggestions.
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  2. Grenwalls, they're the best hunter xp in game if laying traps correctly, there are plenty guides on youtube.
  3. Grenwall support. Option to bank or drop the bones/herbs/pawya meat. Optionally the user could has a herbicide and bonecrusher in inventory which will make it so that only pawya meat needs to be dropped. If user does not possess tirwann quiver 2 to bypass the baiting aspect of trapping grenwalls, then perhaps fruit bat families support for papayas?
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  4. Herblore Habitat
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  5. Skillchompas (crimson, azure, viridian, cobalt, etc. good $$ and exp)

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  6. I've had reports of Skillchompas already working with the chinchompa feature, but I'll look extra into it.
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    Mind giving me a short introduction on that?
  7. dunno, havent tried it out yet on ur chin script bot. U just asked for suggestions :p

    maybe catching imps @ the lesser demon dungeon & puro puro?
  8. Barehand butterfly catching
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  9. You can lay traps and catch jadinko or you need to hunt them like kebbit creatures.
  10. +1. Great hunter/agility xp
  11. Do it, Verslag3n.
  12. Skillchompas are already supported.
  13. Grenwalls with Tirannwn quiver 2 where you don't need any baiting, and also Grenwall portals.
  14. Every single hunter creature ;)
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  15. Death walking incase there is aggressive mobs in the area.
  16. I made a little proggie of 5 hours on your bot and I saw any things.

    A relevante thing that a saw was that the bot priorize "arm traps". Anytimes I got 4 traps filled and 1 falled, so the bot insists in arm the trap falled, and if I got lag, for example, I loose all chins to arm a unique trap. When I play legit I priorise check the traps.

    Other thing that a saw was that always (I'm not sure) the bot choose check the nearest trap, so if I get a chin on a trap away of actually char postion and the nearest trap falls or fills, the bot ignore the trap that is alway, and if the time skips I can loose the chin.

    I'm very new on development of this bot, but I think if your code is State-based, to solve this non-humans actions, you could find a way to break the current state, like break setting traps if detect a new filled trap (SETTING_TRAPS to CHECK_TRAPS), I'm not sure if this have sense, is just a opinion to you look how to fix it.

    Sorry me if this post Isn't about your main poporse, but anyway, thanks for the bot and implements fast Grenwall hunting! :D

    (I was desconected and loose the oportunittie to take a screenshot, but was anything like 5 hours, 200k~exp, 1,3m profit).
  17. Private hunting locations.

    Seriously would be the best feature that could make you stand out.
  18. Private as in?
  19. Maybe he means the hunter locations that you can use with tickets from The big chin minigame.

    Very good for grenwalls and salamanders :)
  20. Maybe add summoning support for this as well?

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    Charm sprites, they don't seem too difficult to implement (of course I wouldn't really know) + Prioritizing shaking boxes over arming new traps, or at least some sort of check to not let shaking boxes sit long enough to break like I mentioned in your current hunter bot thread.

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