RS3 suggestions

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by ozdev, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Soul wars
    Making fletching darts, I have half a million I need to do :(
    Cooking red wine
    Black jacking in thieving guild
    And of course, a firemaking bot that works
  2. May i add to this list...
    "Pyramid Plunder" Would be a bonus :D either with bunyip or unicorn support and last but not least Potions/Flasks support? :D
  3. Blackjacking at thieve's guild already exists.
    Construction script bot is being developed atm.
    JFletcher should include darts.

    I do also need firemaking but I can wait, got plenty of skills to do. :D
  4. blackjacking exists, doesnt work properly tho
  5. JFletcher doesn't have darts yet. I'll update it tomorrow :D
  6. I enjoy Jscripts :D

    If you can Develop a Pyramid pluder i will donate $2.00 Runemate cash to ya :D

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