Suicide Runecrafting Skiller

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  1. I wanted to test how stable running Runespan was on an account, so I made a new account and went for it.

    After a total of 10 days botting ~20 hours/day, I achieved 99 Runecrafting on a new account. :D

    Some running screenshots:
    Not too bad, xp rates slowly went up from here.

    Best one that I achieved! First bot I've seen go over 1 day straight from Runemate :p

    What my inventory looked like after doing this (stayed in Runespan from ~40-99)

    Total points:

    This just goes to show you that it is possible, even on a brand new account! I feel an important thing to keep in mind is getting caught and banned from suicide botting (from what I've found) seems to be completely random depending on whether or not Jagex's detection systems hit you or miss, and can happen after 5 minutes of botting or never for some players. You might as well push the bot to the limits and see if you can get away with it!
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  2. That's pretty goddamn stronk. But I have to disagree with you that banning is completely random. While this may be an extreme case, I'd say if you use RuneMate and use quality scripts bots (which aren't hard to find here ;) ), then you're pretty much safe for I'd say 90% basing of other stories on this forum.

    Nonetheless, it is very impressive. :D
  3. Looks very nice, thanks for sharing!
  4. I definitely agree, I don't think botting in general is completely random (guess I should've worded that differently lol), since if you really take care of a bot account and run it carefully, there's hardly any chance of getting banned. However, when it comes to suicide botting, I feel it's just a matter of luck that Jagex either doesn't catch you or they somehow ignore the hundreds of hours in a short time.
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  5. Really impressive. I'm going for 200m rc, but I plan on botting at least 1/3rd of it.
  6. Wow, best of luck to you!!
  7. Jagex bot detection system drives me crazy, sometimes it looks super efficient and sometimes looks like it doesn't even exist, oh how I wish to know how they detect bots

    But anyway congratulations for that achievement, lucky guy :p
  8. it is a fact, runespan has really low banrate. i have like 5 accounts with 99 runecrafting without a ban, but as soon as i do something else i have to be careful.

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