RS3 Suicide Skiller

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  1. Hey RuneM8,

    This is my first post, I am new to RuneM8, so what better way to test it out other than to do a suicide on all F2P Skiller Skills. I will be doing random skills, swapping every half a day or so. Will keep up to date with some Screenshots :)

    Currently working on Mining.

    7 Day Prog.
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  2. Goodluck, I love these kinds of threads!
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  3. Nawh, Thanks bub :*
  4. Hope you get all 99 without getting banned :p Impossible mission on the way
  5. This could be hard for an f2p account from scratch, especially when keeping in mind that maxing out will take a significant amount of time, but anyways, good luck :)
  6. Youse are both very correct, but it isn't taking much time out of my day, 10 minutes, to have a look and change the script bot. Thank you both for your support :D
  7. 10 minutes a day isn't a suicide! is it? ._.
  8. He/she means it only takes 10 minutes a day to set up the bot.
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  9. An old account?:eek:
  10. Evil is right, I mean that I will only be spending 10 minutes a day to have a look at where I am up too, take some screenshots & to change the script bot. And yes I am a She, but no that isn't me in my Avatar, just what I aspire to look like one day.
  11. Im a qualified personal trainer. Happy to help :p

    Goodluck with the thread going to be hard since it's F2P!
  12. Thanks Jesse, well yes, it will be hard to reach high levels considering the limitations, but I am using the very best method known to myself for each skill, so I am powering through it. I also started with 10mil, which makes it a bit easier for skills such as, Firemaking, Cooking and Crafting.
  13. Where's the 24 hour pic?
  14. In the Spoiler, top picture. Will be adding a two day progress pic.
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  15. Goodluck dude, hope you'll at least get a couple of 99's.
  16. Thanks, I have been going 7 days straight and hard. Couldn't help myself but to do some mage, so it's not really a skiller any more :/
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  19. There is a big drought in my pants.

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