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  1. Hey,

    I just wanted to know if i am the only one with this problem.
    When a script bot wants to use the map to navigate, it sometimes get stuck on the summoning ball/icon thingy.
    You know this thing:


    It makes the script bot gets stuck.
    I had this issue with several scripts bots.
    • Alpha Pest Control
    • HoundSpan
    • Alpha Waterfiends

  2. @Cloud perhaps we should add those bubbles to the interfaces we check for for visibility of a coordinate.
  3. I now noticed, it also clicks on the map icon.. which makes it get stuck in the map interface, and makes it highly detectable :'(
    Its not such a big problem for me cuz i am doing Pest Control, but for other scripts bots it can be a bot flag :s
    @Arbiter @Cloud
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    Also noticed it gets stuck on the prayer icon :(
  4. Yep, I've seen it happen on OSRS too.

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