Resolved Summoning class bugs

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    1. Spirit cobra scroll is named wrong (my fault as i gave you the class @Cloud) - Change from Oph.incubation scroll to Oph. incubation scroll.
    2. Summoning.FamiliarOption().getLeftClick().toString() returns the wrong option - For example, my left click option was the special move of the familiar yet the method returned TAKE_BOB.
    3. Summoning.FamiliarOption().Option().setAsLeftClick() does not click on the confirm button at the bottom to set the left click to that option
    4. Summoning.FamiliarOption().SpecialMove().select() tries to select an ability from the action bar rather than using the Summoning orb at the action bar. I have no clue why
    If you need an account to fix these, you know where to hit me up @Cloud @Arbiter
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    1. Fixed
    2. Unable to reproduce
    3. Fixed
    4. Fixed

    All changes have been made for the next build.
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