Supporter bot quality requirement?

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  1. Premium bots are held to the highest quality standards. What about supporter bots - what kind of standards will they be held to?

    I have no plans myself, but I was just wondering.
  2. I would say the same as free, since the script bot writer gets no real benefit from making a script bot supporter-only. That's my 2 cents tho.
  3. I don't think they really should be. If anything supporter scripts bots should be for things that might crash the economy but aren't premium worthy.
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  4. Fair enough.
  5. There shouldn't be a supporter script bot section in my opinion, because most people can bust out a dollar and get access to them. Just my opinion though.
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  6. No, not everyone. Some people don't have access to a verified paypal account and can't get a credit card.
    Me, for example.
  7. Most people* :p
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  8. As to whether or not they'll bring in money. For example, if a free bot a lot of people use suddenly were to become supporter-only, then some or most of them would become supporters.
    Tl;dr: more cash for Cloud and Arbiter.

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