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  1. @Arbiter / @Cloud

    To get supporter status you can now donate any set amount you wish. With this, it doesn't matter whether you donate $1 a month, or $25 (Like I do). Wouldn't it be nice to see the amount you donated on your Supporter PiP?

    This would be like;
    1. Donates over $5 a month
    2. Donates over $25 a month
    3. Donates over $50 a month
    Feedback welcome.
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  2. Support. Also a system where it tells exactly how much donation is needed to open more client tabs would be nice!
  3. In this case donating any amount would get you up to three clients.
  4. There's people who can't afford to pay as much as 25$ a month, including myself. It would be nice to still have some benefits even though you contribute a smaller amount, but still a lot from your own personal opinion.
  5. I shall be becoming a monthly supporter myself as soon as payday approaches. :)
  6. I do not encourage them to limit by amount. I simply suggest adding different banners for different amounts donated.

    That's great! They deserve it!
  7. I think some sort of distinction based on your amount donated would be great. Support.
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  8. Fair enough.


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