Bug supporter ran out 2 week early

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Edward182, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. purchased supporter 2 weeks ago [​IMG] this is the screenshot of the paypal transaction and today i tried starting my bots and i got a message saying i have a limit of 2 instances when i paid 4$ for supporter to run 4 bots for a month

  2. You were refunded the payment...
  3. why was i refunded?
  4. Did you dispute the payment?
  5. no i didnt
  6. Then I don't know. Please verify you were refunded and feel free to donate again.
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  7. i did not get a refund
  8. If Edward didn't refund and he is still a Supporter according to the forums, it might be wise to suggest that a client bug has occurred. Could you please retry again @Edward182?
  9. lol im not disputing, arbiter just asked me to confirm if i got the refund and i didnt so im waiting for a response back and im gonna upgrade again
  10. Deleted his post to stay on topic. Please try what I've suggested above.
  11. i did exactly what was suggested and still says limit of 2 bots

  12. Looks like it's been re-instated. Must've been a temporary PayPal hold on the transaction.
  13. i just re purchased 4$ isnt a issue for me its just that if this keeps happening constantly
  14. It won't, and I'll personally rectify it if it does. Thank you for your understanding, but I can investigate further if you want.

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