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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first month you will be able to purchase supporter for any amount you desire. This means that both $1 will get you supporter and so will $10,000 - that choice is yours. This offer will help us to get us started and provide you with a better experience of RuneScape botting, consider it as a generous donation to your kind client provider. However, remember this offer will only last for one month from the day this was posted and will be active for one month from the day you've purchased it. When your month runs out you will be required to re-purchase the supporter rank at a then set standard price.

    Additional Goodies when purchasing Supporter:


    - Full access to Supporter bots.
    - Ability to run up to 3 clients at the same time
    - An amazing inbox of 2500 messages.
    - Up to 3 images in your signature and 5 lines of signature space.
    - A beautiful purple name and this magnificent purple PiP
    - Our extended gratitude :)

    To upgrade please click HERE

    More benefits with Supporter to come in the near future.
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  2. Will this feature 'Sponsor' always be a recurring fee? Or just this time?
  3. We will introduce and explain Sponsor in the near future.
  4. If you are referring to Supporter, then as of now we intend to keep it as a subscription/recurring model. Again, it's all based on user feedback. :)
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  5. I was indeed referring to 'Supporter'.

    I like the system used on a lot of sites where there:
    - Supporter > Monthly fee, low price.
    - Sponsor > One time fee, high price.
  6. Is this valid until the 11th of april?
  7. It is
  8. The Upgrade page now displays the expiration date on existing subscriptions on the bottom of the page. :)
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  9. Awesome job, guys! I've made my little contribution. :)
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  10. Welcome to the club.
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  12. I fixed up the grammar in the OP to my best abilities to make sure there wont be misunderstandings.
  13. Glad to see so many people participating!
  14. GIVE ME UR EXTENDED GRATITUDE NOW!!!!!!!!!!! jk :p :) but nice
  15. When adding bots, can you actually see the supporter bots or are they hidden?
  16. The implementation of supporter bots will be done at the same time as premium bots, which will be happening soon.
  17. Sounds good.
  18. Lets say i only donate $1, does fees stack up on that for you and makes it like $.60?

    because then i feel even more like a dick.
  19. Yes we do get charged fees, so the amount we get is somewhere between $0.60 and $0.80 depending on the payment method. Don't feel too bad though. We offered the cheap option knowing that many would opt to use it. We are counting on the generosity of our users after they fall in love with our product. :)
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