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  1. Hey, this is my first time doing forums. I have a question.. Since I paid 10 dollars for upgrade am I able to have more than 2 bots on?
  2. If you have Supporter rank, which can be obtained using the Upgrade page, you get one extra instance for every $/month you donate. So if you donate $10, you'll receive 2 + 10 instances, making a total of 12.
  3. When will i be able to get the supporter rank?
  4. Wait did you pay $10 in to your wallet rather than the Upgrade page?
  5. I click the upgrade page and paid 10 dollars from there.
  6. Then it should have activated already. Check your emails, make sure the Paypal receipt is there.
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    Do me a favor and just confirm what value is in your wallet at the moment?

  7. I tried to find my receipt nothing, that's weird. I've been trying to find my receipt for the past hour and a half.
  8. Confirm the amount in your wallet for me?
  9. Check the PP history and see if any payment has been made. If the payment got through, then you should've received the receipt.
  10. Are you sure you didnt add 10$ worth of credit and not Upgrade perk? :p
  11. He just added 10$ to his wallet on Runemate and didn't donate.
  12. We don't know that yet.

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