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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Baddest Man on Earth, Dec 31, 2014.

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  1. mmmmm not working? :)
  2. Looking forward to proggies of this bot.
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't start
  4. True dat.
  5. What's the issue?
  6. I have to change the way I read the fxml file.
  7. Wonder how @Ozzy is doing with the same issue.
  8. Cloud already posted a solution, I just haven't had time to fix it.
  9. It's working now, features are limited right now, but I'll add them as I get time.
  10. Perhaps you can help Ozzy, then. He followed the tutorial with no luck.
  11. Managed to do a single run before the script bot decides it will withdraw 28 essence, then it'll put 1 or 2 back then with draw more essence and repeat.. So it ends up in an endless cycle.


    It appears it was my inventory in the way of the map. Hence the depositing of essence.. my bad. If you could implement the option to use Presets/pouches etc.. this would be awesome! :D
  12. @Ozzy

    Yeah I'll add those soon.
  13. There you go supreme :) Not using the lodestone at all :(

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  14. You might want to block out your username there :)
  15. Hmm. You could be right there. Could you remove that picture please? xD
  16. Done :)
  17. Can you add pouches support?
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  18. yea pouch support would be sick.. (nice job so far thou)
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