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  1. Found it sitting in the exam room with what looked to be the initial dialog open.
    This was in the console:

    Code (Text):
    2. Surprise Exam has been activated!
    3. Category is MELEE
    4. Category is MELEE
    5. Category is MELEE
    6. Category is COOKING
    7. Category is COOKING
    8. Need SLOT_4 (Selected: false)
    9. Selecting SLOT_4
    10. Selected SLOT_4: true
    11. Need SLOT_12 (Selected: false)
    12. Selecting SLOT_12
    13. Selected SLOT_12: true
    14. Need SLOT_15 (Selected: false)
    15. Selecting SLOT_15
    16. Selected SLOT_15: true
    The dialog text was "You've been slacking in your studies so it's time for an exam"
  2. I can't really patch this one without the account, it's just a mass of data that needs to be adjusted a bit.
  3. Free Supporter for a month to anyone who provides us with an account in Surprise Exam.
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  4. I've supplied cloud with the account that found this problem hoping the free trial doesn't run out before tomorrow lol
  5. Okay I managed to use the account to get a little bit more data and it successfully completed the event.
  6. As promised, enjoy your gift of Supporter @Aidden. You deserve it. :)
  7. Thanks for the contribution, mate.
  8. Heh, thanks :) I'll try get some more today to make sure it's fully functional

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