[Swapping/selling] EUW dia 4 acc

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    So i wanna swap /sell (prefer swapping for a osrs acc) my EUW diamond account. I want a good acc main or a really good pure build with bank and stuff since i not too long ago came back to osrs i dont really need my lol acc anymore and im seeking an acc that i can call ''main''

    We will use Official Runemate middleman if we gonna swap or W/e we gonna do. pm/comment offers with stats and proof of owning that acc u offer me.

    Screenie of proof: Gyazo - 5a260ce25ddfb2b4ae693b4b7233f955.jpg

    Acc is Dia 4 atm.

    All skins: Gyazo - 1daf228b922da469ca4cd3a89f994d1c.gif

    got atleast 30+ skins on this acc.

    Sorry forum staff if i posted this thread in the wrong place or anything just let me know in that case!
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