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    Dec 30, 2020
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    Hello there,

    I've made this thread primarily to find users that have RuneMate credits on their account, but have no intentions of using them and/or would like to get rid of them to someone who could use them!

    Occasionally I will buy OSRS Accounts with specific requirements/stats.
    [Currently seeking Level 80-82+ Mining Accounts]

    I purchase all RuneMate credits, and will even resell my own credits to those that may have issues trying to get their own. This can be done with another form of payment of your choice (if my country allows it) but will also accept Old School RuneScape Gold, at a relatively fair exchange rate preferably.

    RuneMate allows me to enjoy RuneScape as I have a few medical conditions that make using a mouse and keyboard rather difficult at times. Without getting into express detail, most people use Bot Clients to try and make money or to boost account stats while AFK - I, on the other hand, use it to enjoy the game and feel like I'm playing to some degree.

    Preferred Payment Methods: Paypal, Transferwise, OSRS Gold.

    You can contact me directly here on RuneMate, or add/message me on Discord: Otter #0338 [465049710332477452] anytime. Keep in mind RuneScape is just a hobby for me, therefore sometimes my response time can vary depending on the day.

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