Resolved System.out.println() not always working

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  1. Doesn't seem to work from classes that aren't the main script bot class. Trying to print from my walking class and it's executing the methods but just not printing.
    Also, an unrelated bug. WebPath.step(boolean) seems to always return false

    Edit: Yet another one, took me a while to debug this one too. It seems that WebPath.step turns run on if it's off. Not sure about other path types

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  2. 1. We don't do anything that should cause that.
    2. I'll check into it
    3. That's expected behavior unless you explicitly pass false to the step method.
  3. Okay so here's an update
    1. I verified that whatever is causing the issue for you is not on our end.
    2. The only thing that I can see that can cause this is if it clicks a coordinate slightly off of the one it expected and because of that it reports it as a failure. To remedy this I've given it a tiny bit of wiggle room (distance of 1) to hopefully accommodate for this.
  4. Something that may be somewhat related, the time wasn't being appended if you were just passing an object to the println method. In the next update it is.
  5. To elaborate further, separate classes such as Tasks still print out fine, but classes with static methods don't seem to print out at all
  6. The theory still doesn't hold up because everytime I forget debug printing in the API you goes notice immediately, gg OP xD
  7. True... hmm.

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