Question System update handler suggestion.

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mazi1m, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Hey @Arbiter @Cloud .
    I just thought why isn't there a function that stops the bot when it says "System was updated. Please reload" .Trying to log back in for 5-6 hours isn't too humanlike. Can you consider adding that function or let me know why it's not possible?
  2. You need a full client reload after a system update, which isn't possible at the moment. It's on the TODO list though.
  3. But why it always tries to log back in forever (after sys update)?
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    im talking osrs btw.
  4. Is it possible to just stop the bot if an update happens?
  5. StuxGeek, thats what i mean.
  6. Disabling login handler if x text is visible would be a good pre-solution to this problem. X text being something like 'RuneScape is updated, please reload your client'.
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  7. That would be perfect.
  8. Someone send me a screenshot of the in game screen and a screenshot of the dev toolkit with the component displaying the text selected. It may have broken over time because they may have changed the text, but that used to work fine.

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