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  1. SUP my Lovely friends!?

    From now on I will be accepting GFX requests.
    Most will be free.
    Unless They are very time consuming projects :p
    • thread designs 3$ matecoins
    • paints 2$ matecoins

    I will be making:
    • Thread layouts
    • Bot logo's
    • Paints
    • Banners
    What will I not do:
    • Avatars
    • Signatures
    Why not you? Cuz and avatar and signature should be personal and not made by someone else

    Current Orders:
    1. @Xander (banner)
    2. Supreme Leader (logo)
    3. @SlashnHax Alpha Fighter thread banner

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  2. might be interested in the future. Currently working on a Chocolate bar to Chocolate powder money making bot.
  3. Type: Banner
    Font: Something thats medieval
    Color: Black
    Text: XC-Gold
    Render: No render

    Under XC-Gold could you also add "Your #1 OSRS gold source!" and if it dosent look weird also "MM Friendly!"

    A banner that would fit horizontally in a thread.
    Thanks in advance :)
  4. A better version of this:

    Same colour scheme, text and size (250 x 60 pixels).
  5. Updated the main thread with orders :)
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    Was actually brainstorming about this :p and i though you would like something modern :)
    i can make the one you request though :)
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    I think this would be kinda boring :) can i freestyle something here :)
  6. Uh, sure I guess! I really like how F5BOTS came out.
  7. It's part of my paint so I need that size and color scheme.
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    Forgot to say, that 3D one looks dope, perhaps change the size and colors?
  8. If you have the time I could you a designer that could create a thread layout for me... Would save me a bunch of time... Let me know if you could help me out.

    Best wishes with designing

  9. I can make you a custom paint if you want :) but that would be a bigger project :)
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    sure no problem :) something like my kLavaFlowMiner thread? :)
  10. It would overall be for sales - Gold / Accounts / etc

    I was thinking maybe a re-brand . re-design of this with information I can hand to you over skype and other requested information that you may need...

  11. I just need that header, I got the rest of the paint made + I really don't like image paints.
  12. ah ok np :p but i though that you were quiting RM or did i misunderstand it there :p
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    Sure no problem :) HMU "kristiaan-delforge"
  13. Alpha and Celestial are going to be put back in place.
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  14. xD Goodluck friend :) Let the games BEGIN!
  15. Can you make "Jesse" into a banner. Don't care about colour or font just want to see some of your work
  16. Eta on my banner? Actually if you have the time could you make it into a thread layout? Heres some info to put on it:

    Name: XC-GOLD
    OSRS Gold: $1.55
    Middleman friendly.
  17. Orders on the main thread will still be accepted for free. for additions please just read the thread :)
  18. I saved the image so i can clone the colors ;) i will work something out next week ;) got off from week from monday till sunday :)
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