Request TaskScript#removeAll()

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  1. Syntactic sugar for:

    for (Task t : getTasks())
  2. @Cloud how about going all the way and making TaskScript implement Collection?
  3. In what use case would you want to do this?
  4. Changing what the bot does at runtime, i.e. without requiring a bot restart. For example, user schedules 1000 bronze bars and then 1000 iron bars. Bot Author implements this by removing active task(s) for bronze and adding a new set for iron.
  5. I make use of this in my new framework actually. Each activity ie chop 50 logs, chop until level 60 etc holds its own tasks and adds them to the taskscript. Once the activity is complete the tasks are removed and the next activity tasks are added.
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    However i will add that the remove method uses varargs so an array of tasks can be removed

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