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  1. Welcome to the Team Alpha Development Thread!​
    What is Team Alpha?
    • Team Alpha is a team of both authors dedicated to giving you the best possible botting experience.
    Alpha Bot features:
    • Simple, sleek and sexy UI. Both our paint and our JavaFX UIs are styled based on your selected RuneMate Client Theme, and react dynamically to theme changes.
      • Paint UI: Our Paint is a draggable, tab-based UI that is drawn on top of the canvas. We use dynamic trackers to track skill-related data as well as profit-related data, and displays them in informative tabs, as well as displaying an overview for the tab in the main overview. For skills, current level, levels gained, experience gained, experience per hour, time til next level and the current % to next level are displayed. For profit, both the total profit and the individual amount of items gained/lost are displayed.
      • JavaFX UI: Our JavaFX UIs make use the RuneMate Cloud to save and load settings (via ManagedProperties). Eagles13 and I have worked together to create a method of saving/loading that is both simple and efficient to ensure a good user experience.
    Alpha Bot goals:
    • Have a bot for each of the RuneScape skills.
    Alpha Bots (Bot store search):
    Alpha Tools:
    • To be added
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  2. Changelog (since 12/05/15):
    • "JBots" are now "Alpha Bots"
    • [All bots] Creation bots have been completely re-written with an intelligent task-based system which allows for multi-step object creation, and for the creation of a second object once the resources for a first one have been exhausted (cooker/crafter/fletcher/smither)
    • [All bots] have been partially re-written and updated to use the new API
    • [All bots] Universal urn support has been added
    • [All bots] Walking, banking, creation interface APIs all re-written
    • JGraniteminer/Alpha Graniteminer has been completely re-written and ought to be much better. It's also going to have support for more banking areas very soon
    • Alpha Fletcher now has support for more items
    • [All bots] A bug whereby users were able to start bots with no tasks added has been fixed
    • Alpha Smither has been fixed and is now fully functional
    • Alpha Crafter bug where the bot would not open obstructive doors whilst walking has been fixed
    • Alpha PestControl has been fixed, it also has ability activation
    • Alpha Firemaker development has begun!
    • Alpha PestControl & Alpha Dragons now have intelligent ability activation which prioritizes thresholds & ultimates when mobs have high HP
    • Alpha Gilded Altar now has failsafes which prevent it from entering a POH when it's meant to go to an FOH
    • [All bots] Bug where profit tracker might sometimes reset during banking fixed
    • [All bots] General error fixing, bots ought to be less error-prone.
    • Alpha Fletcher has stringing support
    • Alpha Smither cannonball bug fixed
    • Alpha PestControl has been updated with NPE fixes, and the paint now shows statistics about tokens once again.
    • Alpha Dragons walking methods have been re-written
    • Alpha Fletcher, Crafter, Smither, Cooker fixed due to texture ID changes
    • Alpha Fletcher has support for more objects
    • Alpha FireMaker released for OSRS and RS3 (my first OSRS bot)
    • Alpha PestControl NPE fixes (these only occur for some users)
    • Alpha PestControl now supports OSRS
    • Alpha Gilded Altar fixes (including substring, npe fixes)
    • [All bots] Major styling changes
    • [All bots] Saving system re-written
    • [All bots] More large under the hood changes.
    • Alpha Crafter, Fletcher, Cooker, Smither stability updates
    • Alpha PestControl fixes.
    • Alpha FireMaker fixes
    • Alpha PestControl NPE on start definitively fixed!
    • Alpha FireMaker usability & feature improvements
    • Alpha Dragons fixes, and prayer support
    • [All bots] Beta summoning support
    • Alpha Dragons has had a major bug fix - the taverly BDK route should function normally now, with the wall shortcut flawless.
    • Alpha Crafter has had the pottery site at Burthorpe added.
    • [All bots] Updates to fix various NPEs.
    • Alpha Firemaker has undergone an architectural change to prevent the frequent NPEs encountered when loading the UI
    • Alpha Firemaker has had efficiency improvements on RS3 which make lighting bonfires much more efficient.
    • Alpha Firemaker has been largely re-written, and no longer has to have areas defined by the end user
    • Alpha Flax has had a complete logical and functional re-work and should be much more reliable now
    • Alpha Gilded Altar has had various bugs fixed
    • [All bots] Large API updates & NPE fixes.
    • BOB support in relevant bots
    • Prayer support in relevant bots
    • Support for portables (old and new) in relevant bots
    • Support for Priffdinas in various bots
    • LRC bot
    Please take a look at the old changelog if you want to see more.
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  3. Planned updates:
    - Alpha Summoning fixes. Done
    - More Alpha Agility OSRS courses.
    - Adding Runespan to Alpha Runecrafting
    - Going over all of my bots and making sure they work as they should.
    - Alpha Dungeoneering.
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  4. So this team consists of who exactly?
  5. Currently @Eagles13 and I
  6. Red Pill
  7. Do you guys have a dank af webpage?
  8. Not yet, but it is planned :p
  9. I am actually excited for this because I love both @Eagles13 and your work.
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  10. Good luck guys, I'm sure we all will be pleased with your new scripts bots!
    AlphaWaterfiends #soon *prays* :D
  11. Currently rewriting HaxWaterfiends so maybe your prayers will be heard :D
  12. Congratulations on your new team!

    Will all hax and j bots keep their name or will they all be baptised as Alphabots? :p
  13. Over time they'll be converted over to the new API :3
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  14. So glad to hear this!
  16. The gay pixie will rise?
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  17. The best place would be to post it on the bot's thread. This particular bug however is fixed for the next update (Alpha Magic, if I'm correct)
  18. Gay team! ;) pixieboyz 4 lyfe

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