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Discussion in 'General Market' started by SlashnHax, Jul 14, 2015.

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  2. Submitted a request!
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  3. We're still taking orders, any suggestions or feedback is also appreciated.
  4. the request form is for quotes too? as i want a price on script bot i got in mind
  5. Yeah
  6. Request sent.
  7. i've send a request normally.
  8. Just messaged you
  9. submitted a request
  10. I believe @Eagles13 is working on a bot that is similar to what you requested.
  11. hmm interesting, I know he was making one but I wanted to try to make it private ^.^ wanted to negotiate a deal since I have no capital to start my major goldfarm but with that script bot I could do it faster. I'm willing to pay more once everything gets started up and is well
  12. Wrong Thread \ Delete pls
  13. I won't be taking private bot requests for a while due to DarkScape.
  14. Any of you open to making private scripts bots for DarkScape?
  15. Submitted a request!!
  16. Hello I submitted a request :)
  17. I have done a request not much info but its for a level 3 skiller so anything skill related!
  18. Request submitted.
  19. Requested a quote
  20. If I order a bot from you, can it run for X number of my own bots? without any additional fee.
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